Halloween perfume for men and women

Have you ever been in a situation where you are feeling little less because you did not use any perfume ? If you don’t want to face this situation again, then you need to choose a best perfume which will suite with personality. In the era of modern civilization perfume plays a great role in human life. People have become more formal than before by the Development of their mentality. Nowadays it’s very important to have a good look. Most people spend more times and efforts to get a better look. But besides having a formal look a nice body smell is also necessary to represent one to others nicely. There are many kinds of perfume available in the markets based on their different fragrance. So, it’s a common question which one perfume would be better for me? If you are facing hesitation with this tiny problem then you can make a try of HALLOWEEN perfume.

HALLOWEEN is one of the best perfume brand in the world. This perfume is available for men and women. People using this perfume all over the world. HALLOWEEN perfume has many versions for men and women.  Many men and women users from all over the world express their review on favor of HALLOWEEN perfume. You can find out those reviews on the bellow based on their different types:

Halloween Perfume for Men and Women -Review of  Jesus Del Pozo, Freesia, Fever, Man Rock, Halloween Man, Jesus Del Pozo

Halloween By Jesus Del Pozo For Women

Halloween perfume for women was launched by the design house of Jesus del Pozo in 1997. This perfume was created by Max Gavarry and dedicated to a mysterious woman. This women’s fragrance has a spicy mixture of floral. It has powdery, woody, green and balsamic notes that create a beautifully unique scent.

Advantages of this perfume:

(1) The smells amazing… not to strong and lasts all day! If you have sensitive skin and nose this this is the right perfume for you.  If you’re looking for a subtle smell, you can try this.
(2) Halloween by Jesus Del Pozo for Women is available as 30ml, 50ml and 100ml EDT.
(3)  It’s good for a dare night but also appropriate for the office.
(4) This sweet floral fragrance is fresh and light.
(5) Best perfume at Affordable price
(6) Easy to spray

Halloween By Jesus Del Pozo For Women Review

Halloween By Jesus Del Pozo perfume is one of the best perfume for women.This perfume is not too strong its fragrance is balanced so it will not create any headache to any women. Basically every women can use this perfume .It’s powdery, woody, green and balsamic notes makes its fragrance romantic. Many users recommended this perfume for romantic wear.
If you are an office going women or a student then this is the right perfume for you. You can wear this perfume because its fragrance last full day long. You can use this perfume for daily office wear. if you are going on a date then this version of HALLOWEEN perfume is one of the best perfume for you. This perfume is highly recommended for romantic, students and office going women.

This perfume got 3.50 rating out of 5.  With 1185 votes.

J. Del Pozo Halloween Man Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

HALLOWEEN perfume for men was released in 2012. This Product Is Manufactured In Spain. This HALLOWEEN men’s aroma is made with top, heart, base notes. The top notes is (Apple Martini accord, Violet leaves, Basil, Mandarin) heart notes is (Ginger, Lavender, Orange blossom)and base notes is (Leather, Musk, Woods, Cinnamon, Grey amber, Vanilla ). This perfume is available in dark purple cylindrical glass bottle and it also has a silver colored stopper.

With This kind of perfume you will have the capacity to completely make the most of your Martini and cinnamon and in addition leaves of violet that will end up being a kind of Spanish fly for you. It will make your skin taste provocative and look profoundly sexy to do magic on any lady. User recommended this perfume for romantic wear.

Advantages of this perfume:

(1) it smells good and last for long time.
(2) The fragrance is available as 75 and 125 ml EDT
(3) Best perfume at Affordable price
(4) Easy to spray

This perfume is available in dark purple cylindrical glass bottle and it also has a silver colored stopper.

Halloween Man Review

This is a great perfume for men you can smell it easily from 6 feet away. Some user says its same as Paco Rabanne’s One Million perfume. Yes its mostly like one million perfume but it’s have some better side then One Million perfume. 1 Million has lasting about 24 hour but it’s Pretty synthetic fragrance that can easily give you a headache but Halloween is more balanced and its lasts forever. I highly recommend anyone. If you like 1 million and you don’t want to pay that price then you can use Halloween perfume its better 1 million perfume.

if you are office going man , student or sports man then its  the right perfume for you. you can use this perfume everyday when you are going out. But when you are going on a date you can use Halloween perfume this perfumes scent is romantic people recommend this for romantic wear. If you are going in the club then use this people would noticed you. People also recommend this perfume for daily office wear.
Rating of this perfume is  4.21 avobe 5

J. Del Pozo Halloween Man Rock On for men

Halloween man rock on
image source : “Amazon.com”

Halloween Man Rock On perfume was launched by the design house of J. Del Pozo in the year 2014. It was follow-up to 2012’s Halloween Man. The fragrance features are the same bottle as the 2012 fragrance.

Advantages of this perfume :

(1)The bottles are very nice – large and well packaged
(2)One of the best perfume in cheap price.
(3)This perfume lasts for 8-12 hour.

Halloween Man Rock On Review

You can guess about this perfume from its name. This perfume is Delicious! Long lasting people love this cologne for its strong opening and long staying scent. This woody aromatic fragrance has a blend of sparkling red pepper, apple, lemon, woody, cardamom, bamboo, lavender, rosemary, warm sandalwood, violet leaf, skin musk, and amber notes .This men’s fragrance blends the juiciness of red apple with lemon and bamboo for a surprising scent that is sure to earn you compliments.Top notes of pink pepper and cardamom add spice without overwhelming the rest of the fragrance. The fragrance comes in a red bottle and a box with the “Rock On” sign in grunge style of font.Available as 75 and 125 ml EDT.The fragrance is apparently intended for rebellious and sexy men. If you want to impress a girl, you need to wear this perfume. It will increase your confidence level.Every time I wear this I receive tons of compliments from women. Its My favorite Cologne of all time. It’s My favorite Cologne of all time. If you search about this perfume it will be hard to find out dislikes about this perfume.This Excellent product is highly recommended.

Halloween Freesia for Women

Halloween Freesia is a floral fragrance for women. This perfume was launched in 2006.


(1) Bottle is pretty as well.
(2) Great smell, clean and fresh.
(3) sexy and long lasting perfume.

Halloween Freesia for Women Review

Halloween Freesia is one of the best perfumes with great smell. Top notes of this perfume are cardamom and cardamom; middle notes are black currant, peach, freesia, lily-of-the-valley and lotus; base notes are sandalwood, cedar and musk.

This fragrance is fantastic for the young and the old .When you will wear this you will get compliment from your friends! It lasts for long time, maximum ladies use this perfume daily, for working. This perfume is highly recommended for office wear.

This perfume got 4.02 out of 5 with 59 reviews.

Halloween Fever perfume for women

Halloween Fever perfume is a feminine perfume by Halloween. This fragrance was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Clement Gavarry. This perfume Is Manufactured In Spain


(1) Great smell, clean and fresh.
(2) This product is made of high quality material
(3) Romantic and long lasting perfume.
(4) The women perfume is Very light, fresh and unobtrusive silage.

Halloween Fever perfume Review

Halloween Fever is a Gorgeous, Unique, modern, youthful fragrance for girls. The perfume is made with top, middle and base notes. Orange, Rose essence, Bergamot are included into top notes. Lotus, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Apricot are added into middle notes and Vanilla bourbon, Musk, Patchouli, Tonka bean are included into base notes. It has Lotus, which you will enjoy. (It always works for me). This has an Aquatic Fresh Slightly Green feel to it & also a beautiful semi-sweet almost Creamy Vanilla with the perfect touch of spice. If you wear this perfume everybody will ask you about this perfume. It’s very soft and feminine and not overpowering. This version is slightly different from the Original version, but colder, more powdery, with distinct rose notes. I would prefer this one to the original version. You will Love the scent and also the bottle! At first, it smells the same as the original Halloween. Later, it gets softer and sweeter with rose and lotus. The longevity of this perfume is great! It lasts for whole day on skin and two days on clothes. It’s more of a summer or spring fragrance versus a fall or winter heavy fragrance. If you love halloween EDT you’ll love this too. This perfume is highly recommended for romantic and office wear.

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