Animale Animale Perfume Review For Men, sports, Azul & Intense Animale cologne

Are you ready to ride into the sunset leaving a signature fragrance all along your trail? It’s time you step out your circle of acquaintances and surprise them with your newly acquired smell. Have you been secretly admiring your boss’s sweet smelling perfume and always pictured yourself wearing it? Well, its time you snapped out of fantasy world and actualize your wishes.

So if this is your quest I would recommend you a top quality perfume that comes with a sweet smelling fragrance that will forever resound in your head. This perfume is way cheaper for its day-long strong fragrance and a whole 100mm that will completely mask your body odor for longer than an average perfume can do.

Why do you need to mask your Body Odor?

Even before I could walk I had a keen interest in esters. My mom’s large collection of perfumes triggered my interest in sweet-smelling products. It is with this early first-hand contact with a variety of perfume brands and beauty products that I guide you on considering any Animale perfume brand.

People wear perfumes for a number of reasons. Some are out to mask their body odors while others consider wearing them for sheer psychological reasons.

1. Keeps your body odor at bay
2. Boost confidence
3. A sweet fragrance makes you more attractive

Is Animale your Ultimate Perfume Brand?
My divine answer to this is a big capital �YES’.

When shopping for a perfume many people tend to forget that it is just a beauty product that an is not of a basic necessity. Most shoppers spend the last penny buying expensive perfumes that end up frustrating them. If you are such a person then you need to put your eggs on one line and know what qualities you want in a perfume, how many dollars you are ready to spend on a particular brand without offsetting your budget.

Animale perfumes brand is a real game changer and will literally give you that sweet fragrance you have always wished for;

1. Has a sweet attractive fruity fragrance
2. Offers a variety of fragrances both for evening and morning use
3. Relatively cheap for its long-lasting fragrance

Features and Benefits of Animale Animale Perfume

1. Size; 100ml clear bottle which ensures that added amount for longer use
2. Target group; women and men to ensure a distinct signature family scent
3. Perfectly designed spray nozzle for target guided spraying
4. Most Animale brands are packed in a glass bottle with a clear name on the side for easy identification
5. Perfectly blended with a variety naturally occurring products for a perfect fragrance


1. Most Animale brands have a Long lasting smell that lasts for 7 hours plus
2. Attractive fruity scent
3. Has a fresh, cool and sexy fragrance
4. Perfect to wear on a romantic evening
5. Has a relaxing effect on you and people around you
6. Relatively cheap
7. Most come packed in incredibly beautiful bottles


1. Some types are too strong and may give you a mild headache
2. Overpowering effect especially if the room is not well ventilated

Animale offers over 15 brands of sweet smelling scent at a pocket-friendly budget. It’s time you discovered your own whole body smell with Animale perfume.

Top 8 Animale Animale Perfume Review

This perfume Brand has many different fragrances get yours them from the below:


Animale Animale perfume for Men

Animale Perfume Review

Animale Animale launched in 1993 following the design house of parfums. It’s an animale product for men mostly suitable for the official use. It feathers as fruity, honey, vanilla, sweet.

Top notes (Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Tangerine )
Middle notes ( Nutmeg ,Rose ,Jasmine ,Cocoa )
Base notes
(Musk, Woods, Vanilla )

(1) Very long lasting scent works more than 7+ hours on my skin. (2) Mind-blowing scent (3) Sensual and sexy
(1) Overpowering smell (2) Additional use can cause quite a headache
Best uses:
Daily use (2) Evening use (3) Signature fragrance.


Animale Azul for Men

Animale Perfume Review

Animale Azul Cologne a woody aromatic fragrance for man was released in 2005. This perfume can be appropriate for a romantic evening.

Feathers (Floral, Fruity, Woody, Sweet, Leather ).
Top notes (Freesia, Orange, Blossoms ).
Base notes (Leather, Vetiver, Oakmoss ).

(1Very fresh (2) Cool (3) Sexy (4) Not overpowering
(1) Not long lasting (2) Too Weak
Best use:
(1) Daytime use (2) Romantic purpose (3) Evening use (4) Special Occasions ).

Animale Black for Men

animale perfume blackAnimale Black Cologne is a special version from Animale.Animale Black feathers as spicy, woody, aromatic and patchouli. Not a very successful one as like it brothers.This perfume will show everyone you have a wild side.It was released in 2010.

Spicy notes (Cinnamon, Ginger)
Heart notes (Jasmine, Lavender)
Woody notes (Mahogany)

Advantages :
Quite long lasting (2) Relaxing fragrance (3) Sexy
Overpowering (2) Too strong
Best use :
(1)Evening use


Animale Cologne for Man

Animale cologne another perfume product from Animale released in 1993 according to the design house of Animale parfums. It’s an oriental spicy fragrance for man which is mainly appropriate for office time use.

Characteristics (Woody, Floral, Citrus, Fresh spicy, Aromatic)
Top notes (Freesia, Lemon, Neroli)
Middle notes (Juniper berries, Lavender, Geranium)
Base notes (Vetiver, Oakmoss, Leather)

The fragrance is with good longevity power (2)Sexy as well as sensual (3)Great value
Too much use is boring and sometimes it can be the reason for a headache (2)Overpowering
 Best use:
Daily use (2)Special occasion

Animale Intense for Man

Animale Perfume Review

Animale Intense released in 2014 is an aromatic scent for man also available for the woman. The male version of this perfume is powerful and deeply gratifying.

Main Accords (Fruity, Woody, Sweet, Aromatic, Fresh spicy)
Top notes  (Ginger, Red apple, Ozonic notes)
Middle notes (Sage, Basil,)Cedar
Base notes (Suede, Brazilian redwood, Amber)

Nice fragrance
The long-lasting capability is not so good.
Best use
Daily use.

Animale Sport for Man

animale sport perfumeAnimale Sports Cologne launched in 2014 is an animal product. It’s a citrus fragrance for man which help you to make your day more comfortable and peacefully.

Main accords (Woody, Fruity, Citrus, Powdery, Aromatic, Marine )
Top notes (Sea breeze, Bergamot )
Heart note (Pear)
Bottom notes (Sandalwood, Vetiver)
Woody notes (Amber)

Refreshing and relaxing (2) Smell great
It is not long lasting
Best use:
Daytime use (2)Summer use


Animale Temptation for Man

Animale-TemptationAnimale Temptation Cologne was introduced in 2006 when famous perfume producer company Animal launched it for the first time. This is one of the best creations among other perfumes made for man.

Main Accords (Aromatic, Citrus, Woody, Fresh spicy, Balsamic )
Top notes (Lemon, Cypress)
Middle notes (Lavender, Nutmeg)
Base notes(Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Musk, Exotic woods)

Pleasant and enjoyable (2) Smell great
The long-lasting capability is quite good
Best use
Daily use (2)Bedtime use


Chaleur D’animale for Man


animale perfumeIn 2000 animale launched their perfume product Chaleur D’animale Cologne by the design house of parfums. Chaleur D’animale Cologne is an aromatic fragrance for man created by two famous perfume specialist Michel Couges and Loc Dong. This perfume characterizes as a refreshing, spicy, lavender and amber fragrance. This perfume is a better choice for man for official use.

Top notes(Mandarin orange, Sage, Green leaves, Bergamot)
Middle notes (Geranium, Coriander, Nutmeg, Cardamom)
Base notes (Patchouli, Tonka bean, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk )

Long last more than 6 hours (2) Good fragrance (3) Great value (4) Fresh and special (5)Beautiful bottle

Best use
No doubt for official use.



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