Best Carolina Herrera Perfume 212 Review For men and Women

You might have experienced an ordeal of choosing a nice perfume that is loved by your friends and family. Sometimes, it’s very hard to try a new perfume that doesn’t upset people around for being strong and even pungent. I’ve gone through this turmoil and that is why I always say that wearing a perfume is just as tricky as wearing a nice dress to a party. You’ll never get to know how people would see you if you wear it unless you get it to hear from them. As we have a stereotype that men always like to wear strong and pungent perfume that seems unpleasant to most women. In an effort to my fellow men who have faced a dilemma in a similar situation. I’m going to write this like a personal blog to help them steer out from the darkness. Perfume 212 for men is definitely a soul-saver fragrance.

Carolina Herrera Perfume 212 review

perfume 212
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212 Perfume was established in 1997. This perfume brand has put forth a number of scents in the market at the compelling price which has made its competitors quite anxious. The perfumes made up the mixture of floral blends and different natural scents like Big Apple, lavender, wood, green chili, and grapes etc. If you check out for the statistics and reviews of perfumes 212  you’ll surprise because you will get only 15 dislikes in 100 reviews.T hat means its a good review about a perfume.

I admit that I’ve tried many brands like Gucci, Ferrari, Dolce & Gabbana and even Dunhill perfumes and most of the times but I was avoided by people because the strong fragrance of the perfume made them start coughing. For instance, Ferrari Red Power and Racing perfumes didn’t prove to be quite good for me as they had a very strong scent which was a cause of displeasure for people with the sensitive nose. Furthermore, Dunhill Desire Black London cologne was long lasting but had a very strong scent. I used that perfume for almost a year but ultimately I was forced to shift from it. Although, Desire Red Extreme perfume was way better than the previous one and I kept it for almost 2 years. But as everything good comes to an end, my charm for Dunhill & Ferrari perfumes also did. It was time for me to select a perfume.

What people think about perfume 212

As the title of the article says, my obvious choice was 212 perfume for Men. At first, I was quite dubious of my choice due to my bad choices in perfumes in the past. Moreover, I was only happy that unlike most perfumes, perfumes 212 by Caroline Herrera for Men perfume lasts for about 8 hours. It was much cost effective and efficient. What was most surprising that I got comments from my peers and fellow colleagues about the scent I wear to the office. All of them said that I had this soapy clean scent which is quite unusual and aesthetically pleasing. Even the ladies in the offices commented that I smelled like a man in the club. I hope that was a good comment as many people in the bar smell like, well you know, you get the point.

Why perfume 212 is different from other perfume.

There are three categories of this Perfume range. At the top of the line are the scent of lavender, green notes, bergamot, and grapefruit. At the middle, we have green pepper, ginger, violet, gardenia, and base. At the lower cheap level, we’ve got labdanum, musk, sandalwood, and incense etc. If you get to smell the fragrance, you’ll feel like you’ve been walking in a garden with the aroma of all the mixed blend of flowers, a lighter and heavenly feel. The best part is that unlike many strong perfumes, 212 by Carolina Herrera perfumes are lighter in tone and gives you a fresh soapy green and wooden scent which is always a delight for the other person sitting beside us.

Why you need to use perfume 212.

perfume 212
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I would personally suggest this fragrance for office wear. Like I’ve stated my experience with my male and female co-workers, these fragrances would make everyone work in a pleasant and dreamy environment. Plus 8 hours standing the period of the perfumes is quite a bit of an attractive feature of the product.I’m only stating 8 hours as an approximate estimate, it can even stand out for a whole day or more. Moreover, the most unusual thing to note about this perfumes is that it behaves rather differently from all the other perfumes that I’ve tried so hard. Believe me, The perfume smell green, soapy and citrus for first 4 hours but then, the scent becomes most likely woody mixed with a musky smell, which is also nice but has the same overall fragrance. This has never happened to me before in my entire life. This is the biggest reason to love 212 perfumes .

Who can use this perfume?

Finally, the question, for whom these perfumes are best suited for? Well, to be honest, I’d say every man from age ranging 18-45 is best suited with these scents. The mixed blend of floral fragrances gives much more of masculine feature to men. Every man could wear to any event, party or occasion. This perfume is typically your all-time round the year scent which you can carry with style and compassion. But, as I said earlier in my blog, I’d recommend this scent for office going men. This is the best perfume for men. The fact that the scent could last up to 8 hours or more makes it a very suitable choice for office workers, plus the unusual characteristic of this perfume about changing scents gives more reason for people in office to wear it more.

It’s my personal experience about this perfume. If you have any similar experience with any of the other perfume brand or with 212 perfumes, please share it with me. I’ll be looking forward to reading your reviews about the perfumes and most likely, I’ll try out your suggested scent and will share the experience with you people soon in the near future. Because this perfume brand has given me the confidence to try out new things and feel good about trying the best out in the market.

This perfume Brand many types of perfumes for men and women . You will get best perfumes of Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume Brand from the bellow.


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