Amor Amor Perfume Reviews for Women and Men – After Different Purpose

Perfume is a necessary involvement with you when you are going outside of the home for any particular purpose. Imagine you have attended an important party where many elite people participated. In such a sensitive situation you must have a good body smell. But the bad news is you haven’t used a perfume or perfume you used is not pleasant at all as a result bad odor is spreading from your sweat. This kind of condition may be ashamed you and you will feel hesitation even you might have left the party. After reading the statement you may have determined to use a perfume. But is it all? No, not actually. Using a perfume is compulsory certainly but the more important fact is that you should also be aware of the fragrance of a perfume. Ok, no problem, we are going to talk all about these topic whole the time.

When the case comes to hand about choosing a perfume then there remains a common question which perfume should you buy since a lot of perfumes with various fragrance are prevailing on the surrounding markets. Ok, it seems we understand your problem and we are determined to provide you a better suggestion as follow:

Amor Amor Perfume one of the best perfume for men and women

Amor Amor de Cacharel Perfume Review


The Best Perfume for WomenAmor Amor Cacharel Perfumes are made with the combinations of flowers and fruits. It was first introduced in 2003 when Cacharel produced it for the first time. It’s a perfume for the young woman.
Components of this perfume are as follow:

Fruity notes (Pink grapefruit, Blood orange )
Floral notes (Lily-of-the-valley, Vanilla, and ambergris, Mandarine, White musk, Malati Flower, Sandalwood )

Advantages :
The perfume is original, feminine, clean and sweet with floral and fruity touch.
(2) Its smell is mind-blowing and overwhelming that spreads everywhere
(3) If you are about giving someone a gift then this perfume can be the best option
(4) Amor Amor Perfume helps to feel young, sexy and confident.
(5) This perfume can be very effective in case of romantic weather.

Disadvantages :
The smell of this scent is very strong so sometimes it can be the reason for little bid headache. The bottle of the perfume is not so nice but the perfume is amazing.
(2) This perfume is certainly a great one but too much can make it boring to someone.
(3) Sometimes it smells like candy it feels boring to me.
(4) The users of this perfume are large because of its popularity it can be quite annoying to you.

Cacharel Amor Amor perfume is one of the best perfume in my perfume collection. with this perfume, I fell in love because of some of its special quality. I’m using this perfume for many days and it seems to me the perfume is suitable for cool weather. This is my favorite perfume and no other perfume seems to me as good as it. It is dreamy, girly, seductive, flirty, cute and juicy like eating a piece of candy to me. I’m not ok with the sweet smell but the combination of notes in this perfume is perfect.  It works on my skin more than 6+ hours and I feel very fresh and comfortable. It’s a combination of floral and fruity components which create an amazing and overwhelming weather which increases my confidence to the maximum level, as a result, I feel very comfortable among people with whom I communicate every day. Certainly it’s a very good perfume but after a long use its turn out to be average, however, I’m ok with it. It’s not official at all rather very appropriate in case performing flirty talking or dating with someone.

I started to use this perfume since I was in school and still at 30 using with great comfort and want to continue until I’m 80. I try this perfume for everyday long time use and find an amazing result. I know why it is considered as teenager perfume its smell seems to me like Royal revolution by Katy Kerry. Sometimes I compare the scent to a deep sweet delicious wine because of its smells awesome. According to my view of the opinion, it can be a better choice for the teenagers.  Many of my best friends are fond of this perfume and I recommend everybody to try this perfume at least once. though you can use this perfume for daily wear but its highly recommended for romantic wear.


Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss Perfume Review


amor amor perfumePerfume Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss by Cacharel is a spicy floral fragrance which Launched in 2011. The perfume is mainly produced targeting at the young generation. The composition of this perfume is as following:

Top notes (Grapefruit, Mandarin, Pink peppers )
Middle notes (Frangipani flower, Peony, Coffee )
Bottom notes (White musk, Vanilla )

This perfume is generally available in a black colored bottle with red rose applications as a quantity of 30, 50 and 100 ml EDT.

Sweet, sexy and long lasting (2) Mood and memory lifter (3) It Last long around 6 hours on skin.
The color of the bottle is black. (2) Deep and Strong perfume

At first I wasn’t familiar with this scent but one day one of my best friends comes to my house wearing the Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss Perfume. A good snow was coming to my nose from her body and I liked that smell very much. So I asked her about the perfume name and she recommended me to try this. Afterward I went to market and bought one 100 ml bottle. I was thinking about Twilight after seeing the name Forbidden kiss. It also reminds me diesel lover does. It’s a nice title and suit with the perfume idea. I think it is one of the sexiest perfumes ever. The original version of Amor Amor perfume is good but this version is also special to me. Especially the use of coffee and frangipani notes makes it more acceptable. The combination of coffee and vanilla add up something very special to this perfume and make it more balanced.

I want to call it dark Amor Amor and I think it is more deep and mature than Amor Amor. It is generally appropriate with the winter season since it’s a little bit warmer. But some people also like to use it in summer because of its heavy smell. It smells like hypnotic senseless my favorite vanilla elixir which seems really natural and balanced. The Forbidden Kiss is a specialized version but it keeps pace with the original Amor Amor everything is the same only the heart is different. It opens with the same fruity and overwhelming smell of floral vanilla as like the original Amor Amor but different is its dry down is powdery and sweet after that the smell of coffee with vanilla starts to appear which blows up the mind. It is one of the sweetest perfumes I ever feel. It could be better for young lady or young woman. I thought it’s too dark, deep or sensual but after using it my idea of consideration totally changed. I would like it if someone gives it to me as a gift. I’m comfortable with this scent and it makes me happy too. I also think not only woman but also men can use this perfume. Moreover people from all walks of life can use it for example my mother get it as a gift from one of her friend. Amor Amor perfume forbidden kiss is highly recommended for young lady or young woman.

Amor Amor In A Flash Perfume Review


amor amor perfumeSome limited edition of Amor Amor Perfume that produced in 2003 was re-launched as the name of Amor Amor In A Flash Perfume in 2013. This perfume is produced to encourage you at the breathtaking moments when you are kissing or dating with someone special for the first time after a forbidden love.

Floral notes (Sweet mandarine, Apricot, Red apples )
Fruity notes(Delicate jasmine petals blends, Vanilla, Sandalwood and, Sweet caramel )

Great smell (2)It long lasts more about 7 hours
Too strong sometimes it can cause a headache

I’m a big fan of the series of Amor Amor perfume by Cacharel. I use their other version of perfumes but this Amor Amor Perfume in a Flash is really special to me. It doesn’t match with the original version of Amor Amor at all.

I learned about this perfume from my close friend who told me all about this and I determined to buy this to see its result. After that, I went to the market and search for the perfume.  I discovered the perfume in a pink colored bottle and fell in love with it since pink is my favorite color. I was also hopeful about its result and check it for almost 20 minutes and finally bought it. Then when I use it for the first time during my office time I find out that it smells really great. It’s my favorite perfume and I use it daily when I stay in the workplace it makes me feel better and confident. It opens with the perfect combination of the fruity notes mandarine, apple, and apricot which are spiced with the notes cinnamon and sweetened with caramel from the beginning. The effect of floral notes are also considered but from the combination of jasmine, vanilla or caramel the existence of the smell of particular notes are not recognizable however it is clear they are here. According to the view of my opinion, it is the sweetest perfume I ever tried. It smells like fruity juice which seems to be very delicious. The scent is like sugary water. Uses of caramel and cinnamon have an important effect although it’s not the dominating part of this perfume. This perfume is an ideal combination of fruity and spicy notes which means it effective for use in late summer or early autumn. This can be the best choice for the young woman and office going women.

Amor Amor L’eau Perfume Review

Amor Amor Perfume L'eau In summer of 2015 Cacharel launches a new collection of Amor Amor Perfume namely as Amor Amor L’eau Perfume. Amor Amor L’eau Perfume is a pink, pleasant, fresh, delicious, fruity ambery type scent for a woman. It is a sweet and soft scent that is why it’s useful for school or workplace in order to get the attention of others. It’s open with the mind-blowing smell of coca cola and blackcurrant along with the smell of floral jasmine rose and vanilla. This scent is especially appropriate for the summer season. The fragrance is available in a pink colored bottle as a quantity of 50 and 100ml.

Great smell (2) Appropriate for summer
The long-lasting capability is not so good

The original version of Amor Amor by Cacharel is my most favorite but after seeing Amor Amor L’eau Perfume it comes to my mind I should also need to try this version. So I bought a 50 ml bottle. I was not optimistic about the result of this perfume at all but one thing that attracted me was the presence of coca cola flavor. I also liked the bottle. Now it comes about the experience I felt by using this perfume. Ok, I become quite disappointed when I didn’t feel the fragrance of cola at all found but the interesting thing is I liked the smell that comes from the other notes I mean jasmine, vanilla, citrus, and grapefruit. The combination of these three creates an amazing effect on the fragrance of this perfume. If you like grapefruit then you can try this I think this perfume can be useful during the summer or late spring. According to my opinion, this perfume is light, fresh and pretty cool. After all, I think Amor Amor L’eau Perfume is not a bad choice.

Amor Amor Summer Perfume Review

amor amor perfume summerFrom the title of this perfume, it’s easily recognizable this perfume is made for summer. It’s a product of Amor Amor by Cacharel launched in 2012 limited edition. Previously another summer version was launched in 2011. It will feel like under shade even when you are in the sun. The bottle contains the perfume is decorated with the combination of orange and yellow color for the 2012 version which looks pretty cool and available as a quantity of 50 ml. Previous summer version that launched in 2011 was a bottle with a pink-red combination.

The compositions of this perfume are noted as follow:

Fruity notes (Pineapple, Grapefruit, Pomegranate syrup)
Floral notes(Rose, Orange blossom, Frangipani )

(1)Effective for the warmer days (2)It’s fruitier than other perfumes
Not so long lasting (2)It’s made only for summer (3)Limited edition

It’s a reliable and faith version of Amor Amor by Cacharel only made for the sunny days of summer when the weather is too hot and the body releases a lot of sweat. Both versions of 2011 and 2012 are my favorite but the orange flavor of 2012 version seems to be very delicious. It’s a perfume with fresh and clean smelling. The original version of Amor  Amor perfume is my favorite but during the sunny days, I like to use Amor Amor Summer Perfume. It helps me to feel better when the weather is too hot. I think this perfume is very appropriate for the summer months. Amor Amor is not my most used brand but I like the fragrance of this one, it’s yummy. It’s a scent with amazing fragrance but not overpowering totally appropriate for the summer season. This perfume can be the best choice for them who release a lot of sweat. it is highly recommended for long time wear.

Amor Amor Sunshine Perfume Review

amor amor perfumeIs a perfume by Cacharel which is mainly produced for the summer season at the limited number? The bottle that contains this perfume is green colored as like grass.

Fruity Notes ( juicy fresh pink grapefruit, apricot, mandarine and bergamot )
Floral notes (Tahitian Tiare, orchid, and peony, a Sweet mix of vanilla and musks )

Very special fragrance (2) Long-lasting capability is awesome
Lovely fragrance (2) Disadvantages (3) Limited edition

Firstly I didn’t know that Amor Amor has launched such a wonderful version of perfume but one day in a party I smelt a scent that was not so strong but overpowering. So I was searching for the location from where this wonderful smell was appearing and finally finds out the location. It was my beloved friend John, so I asked him all things and he suggested me to buy it. So I went the market to buy it but unfortunately, this was a limited version but after a hard work I was able to find out and buy it immediately. Then I make a try to see its result. I Love this version of Amor Amor especially its bottle which is ornamented with green color since I like the green color very much and green is the symbol of youth and peace. I’m also ok with its fragrance it’s not so sweet like Amor Amor and much lighter than the other types. I usually use this perfume for office work and sometimes my husband also uses it for his work. Every time I use this perfume it feels like I have become younger and feels much fresh and comfortable. It’s a feminine scent which smells fruity and joyful. You can use this perfume for spring and during the hot days of summer. it is one of the best perfume for everyday wear.

Amor Amor Tentation Perfume Reviews


amor amor perfumeCacharel has come with their new edition of Amor Amor perfume as the name of Amor Amor Tentation Perfume. Another edition of this perfume is also presented in the markets namely as oriental floral for women. It’s quite sultrier than the original one. It’s a kind of perfume which helps you to be more concentrated and attractive than before. Its new notes will help you to act all your sense.


Its notes are combined as a fresh mandarin with notes of ivy is involved with heady jasmine flower, elegant tiara and woody accords. The perfume is available in the markets from 2008. The Amor Amor Tentation Perfume is available now in the markets in a purple colored bottle as 30, 50 and 100ml EDT.

(1)Fantastic and Different from the usually prevailing perfumes (2) Sexy and romantic
(1)Smell is barely noticeable (2) Not long lasting at all

Amor Amor Tentation is a scent which is different from other types with a very strange fragrance not usually found. When I buy it for the first time I was hopeful that it would be sweet like the other version of Amor Amor perfume but my view of imagination was altered when feels it not sweet at all. It smells clean and fruity spicy aroma. This can be useful during the winter season to feel comfortable. It’s not too strong so if you are ok with it then it can be useful for official use. I also like to use this perfume for different occasions and it represents me as different. Not many people like this perfume but I like this perfume because it is feminine, sexy, sharp and vibrant. It quite surprising but true fact is that I can sense the existence of fruity smell and this perfume is appropriate for the young woman. This perfume can create a romantic weather so it can be useful in the evening.

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